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The Borough of West Reading and the Main Street Program have organized a Block Captain system that provides business owners and commercial property owners with a liaison to the governing leaders and municipal staff.  Block Captains are available to communicate, update and inform owners on issues and current events. 

Accurate information on Borough & Main Street special events;
who, what, when, where and why!

Updates on issues that impact your business or investment property!

New businesses, parking management, improvement projects, CHANGE!

Telephone trees, email and fax alerts on storms, road closings and criminal activity!
Information on building projects, road work, the Greater Reading Corridor and RiverPlace!

Every block of Penn Avenue has two Block Captains, one for each side of the Avenue.  All business and commercial property owners on the north and on the south sides of the Borough (Penn Avenue dividing line) also have a Block Captain that represents you. 

When your Block Captain visits or calls, be available to listen and learn.  The Block Captains will be your connection to the staff, committees, boards and elected leaders of the Borough. 

When you have questions, when you need a reminder, when you want to report on an issue, when you want to send a suggestion, when you need an answer . . . your Block Captain will be your ‘go-to’ person.

300-400 Block Captain
Tina Shenk
Tina’s Salon & Day Spa
406 Penn Avenue

[email protected]

500 Block Captain
Rebecca Doubek
Firefly on Penn
508 Penn Avenue

[email protected]

Deborah Hutcheson
Charles Hutcheson Fine Jewelry
512 Penn Avenue

[email protected]

Carol Wells
Sweet Surprises
544 Penn Avenue

[email protected]

600 Block Captain
Robin Horman
613 Penn Avenue
[email protected]

Dallas Mugno
The Last Level
600 Penn Avenue
[email protected]

700 Block Captain
Juli Cleaver
Bella Jules
700 Penn Avenue

[email protected]

Denise Speicher
715 Penn Avenue
[email protected]

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